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Advanced Reporting in Xojo | Tim Parnell, BKeeney Software
A brief look into creating a report in Xojo, and taking it to the next level with BKeeney Shorts. Learn how to automatically adjust field heights for longer fields, create searchable reports, and export a report in PDF format. We'll explore the visual Report Designer as well as some of its powerful features to quickly create a detailed report.

Anatomy of an iOS App | Paul Lefebvre, Xojo Inc.
Interested in iOS, but not sure where to start and how to get your app into the App Store? Come take a look at a working iOS app that is in the App Store to see how it is designed and constructed. You’ll learn some iOS app tips and how to deal with App Store issues. You’ll even watch as an update is made to the app and submitted to iTunes Connect. After attending this session you’ll be prepared to start submitting your own iOS apps to the App Store.

Android and the Xojo Framework | Travis Hill, Xojo Inc.
Learn all about developing Android apps and how changes to the Xojo framework will impact your future development across all of Xojo’s supported platforms.

Databases 101 | Paul Lefebvre, Xojo Inc.
This is a beginner session for those unfamiliar with databases and when to use them. If you’re new to the world of databases, be sure to attend this session to learn general concepts, practical examples and useful tips. You’ll leave with the knowledge you need to start using databases in your own projects.

Database Driven Web Apps Using Xanadu With Aloe | Hal Gumbert, Camp Software
Xanadu is an open-source project that makes developing Xojo database driven Web Apps easier for everyone. Aloe is a Xojo-based web server. Learn how Xanadu uses Aloe to let you make web apps that require less development time, utilize less memory, respond faster to clicks, embrace a responsive design, and scale with NGINIX all while making database connections close to effortless.

Factoring Your Project for Testability | Philippe Casgrain, Lightspeed
Now that you have Unit Tests and Continuous Integration running, make the most of them by adding more tests to be run regularly. We’ll go over design patterns to help you create testable code, and use some live code samples to apply the lessons in real-time.

From Xojo to Apple App Store: Being Successful With An iOS App | Jeremie Leroy
Jeremie will draw from his experience to give you the information you need to achieve success on the App Store in less than 30 days. Learn how to monetize your app, increase your downloads and purchases, and be found among the other 3 million apps.

Getting More Out of OOP | Marc Zeedar, xDev Magazine
For some of us, the challenges of making applications object-oriented can feel like more work than it's worth -- so we don't do it. Yet the benefits of easier coding, maintenance, and enhancement are huge. If you're not using enough OOP in your apps, this is the session for you. You’ll be excited about using object-oriented programming techniques after learning the practical benefits and seeing demonstrations on how to use powerful concepts like inheritance, interfaces, and basic design patterns.

Implementing and Documenting a REST API | Dirk Cleenwerck, UseitGroup
This session handles designing and implementing a framework for your API in such way that you hopefully won't be forced to deliver version 2 soon. For the security part we will explain how to use authentication by OAuth2. Then we handle some industry best practices, how the users of your API expect things. We'll show you how to document your API by using the OpenAPI standard, so your end users can test their calls prior to implementation. And to keep your API in pristine condition you can automate the testing of your API.

Introducing Aloe Express: Develop Web APIs, Microservices, and More with Xojo | Tim Dietrich
Xojo is an excellent platform for developing desktop, web, mobile, and console apps. With Aloe Express, a new open-source module, you can also use Xojo to quickly and easily build Web APIs, microservices, and more.

In this session you will learn:
  • What Aloe Express is
  • Why you might want to use Aloe Express instead of other technologies (such as Node.js)
  • How to use Aloe Express to host static and dynamically generated content
  • How to implement Web APIs and microservices
  • Best practices for building, deploying, and scaling Aloe Express-based apps

Lean on Me (the Compiler): Tips and Tricks to Make the Compiler Work for You | Yves Meynard, Lightspeed
Discover ways to make your development safer, cleaner, and easier. This session covers techniques that involve “leaning on the compiler”: using type information to force correctness. From playing with signatures to the Heavyweight Enum, these techniques are drawn from personal experience working with a large Xojo project and can be applied to apps of all sizes.

Living the Linux Life | William Yu, Xojo Inc.
Do you want to live the Linux life? Then don’t miss this journey through the Linux platform and framework layer where its secrets are revealed. You’ll learn about best cross-platform practices, the differences between the Window and Desktop managers, GTK+ 3 for improved UI, HiDPI, default control sizes, and the difference between the classic and new framework as it pertains to Linux.

Mastering the Dialog Box 1 – Understanding the Workflow | Ken Whitaker, Software Maniacs
Remove the mystery behind dialog box coding. Most Xojo desktop apps present and retrieve information using dialog boxes, but the handling of dialog box component interactions can often become way too complex, resulting in a "spaghetti code" maintenance nightmare. Adopting a document object model view strategy reduces the need for convoluted coding. This structured approach simplifies dynamic updates of controls, localization, and modal/modeless behavior.

Mastering the Dialog Box 2 – Advanced Concepts | Ken Whitaker, Software Maniacs
Continuing from the first Dialog Box session, you will learn more advanced concepts, such as protecting a dialog box from being invoked multiple times, updating control values in real time based on user interaction, sharing code, splash screens and more!

Moving Beyond the Examples: Going From Learning Xojo to Applying Xojo for the New Developer | Bill Kapeles
If you are coming from another development tool, learning Xojo is easy...until you leave the training resources and example projects behind to begin developing your own software. Learn how to move beyond the examples with practical information about app design, connecting to remote databases, maintaining security and handling app deployment. This is a must-attend session for any developer new to Xojo.

New IDE Features | Norman Palardy, Xojo Inc.
Join Norman as he discusses the new features added to the IDE for 2018, such as:

  • User defined code reformatting that handles “Standardize Format”
  • Using constants to define boolean and color properties
  • User set menu shortcuts

Policies, Procedures, and Processes for Improved Productivity | Susan Fennema, Beyond the Chaos
Struggling with being pulled in multiple directions? Do you work with subcontractors, other team members or have people to delegate to? Are you running your business... or is it running you? Get your life back and increase the value of your business by controlling your chaos through policies, processes, and procedures. Figure out the difference between those three types of documentation, which you need, and how to share them. Get tips on SaaS products to help you manage your business, and your team. Change your approach to your business, your team, and your clients!

  • Policies, processes, and procedures - what are they and when do you need them?
  • Delegate with more success
  • Improve your communication with your team and clients
  • How to write them; where to store them
  • SaaS suggestions for improved productivity
This session is targeted at independent developers, solopreneurs, and small business owners. Operations managers and project managers from larger teams will also benefit.

Project Management Solutions | Susan Fennema, Beyond the Chaos
If you find your projects never really end... if you consistently exceed the defined scope... if you find yourself making the “squeaky wheel” the highest priority, this session is for you. Get your projects back on track by learning to control your chaos with a few simple techniques that will make all the difference. Learn to run your projects, staying in budget and scope while delivering on time. Gain insight on how to manage change to help bring your projects to a successful end. In other words, learn to manage your projects rather than letting them manage you. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Keep your projects on time, on budget and within scope
  • Manage your team and clients with better communication
  • Improve your change management techniques
  • How to close projects so they don’t linger indefinitely
This session is targeted at independent developers, solopreneurs, and small business owners. Beginner project managers and in-house developers trying to manage their own projects without project management support will also benefit.

Rapid Database Application Development | Bob Keeney
Xojo is a great tool for creating database applications but it’s up to the developer to know table and field names and their data types. In addition to all that, database coding is often tedious, repetitive, and prone to typing mistakes that can only be found at runtime. In this session we’ll explore using ActiveRecord and ARGen to get a fast start on your database applications.

RGB does not equal RGB - Practical Color Management for Xojo | Chris Halford
From almost two decades of developing Xojo solutions for the graphic arts industry, I can attest to the fact that color is critical for so many applications and getting it right is a challenge to most developers. Learn enough color theory to understand the difference between additive and subtractive color and between device dependent and independent color. In a practical example, apply this theory as we convert data from a physical measurement into RGB for display and render it to screen. When you complete this session, you will leave with reusable code and knowledge to start implementing in your own solutions immediately.

Searching for Code in All the Wrong Places | Mark Strickland
When projects grow without a plan you risk lost productivity looking for code, debugging code, and simply not finding all the bugs. Other less risky problems like User Interface consistency as a project evolves over time may not cost productivity but might make your project look less professional. There are many methods to organize projects and write code, and the key is being organized before you start. Be sure to attend this session to learn how to improve your projects not with a rigid set of rules, but with an emphasis on up-front planning, practical examples, and alternative techniques.

SELECT encrypted_data LIKE 'Easily' FROM your_database | Kem Tekinay
Securing data within a database can be tricky, especially when whole-database encryption is not available. We'll review techniques for encrypting specific columns, mixing encrypted and unencrypted data, and retaining the ability to perform "LIKE" searches on that data, ordinarily not possible. We also consider compatibility with other environments and how to manage the encryption key.

Superhero SQLite | Paul Lefebvre, Xojo Inc.
SQLite is the fast, easy, do-anything SQL database that every app should be using. And there are of course many ways you can use SQLite in your Xojo apps. You’ll learn how to connect to SQLite, create a database and apply updates to it. You see examples of queries and how you can use prepared statements. Performance matters and you’ll get an understanding of what to watch out for and how to keep things running smoothly. Lastly, you’ll learn about advanced SQLite features such as Write-Ahead Logging, Triggers, Foreign Keys, and Full Text Searching. After attending this session you’ll know how you can use SQLite effectively in your own apps.

The Compiler, 64-bit and Interops, Oh My! | Joe Ranieri, Xojo Inc.
Come learn about the Xojo compiler and porting your Xojo applications to 64-bit! We will also cover the new interoperability support that makes it easier for you to directly access OS APIs.

TipControl shows OSμ™ - Plug & Play your Microcontrollers | Reinhard Blumauer
We will introduce a new way of integrating custom hardware into your software projects. Your IoT device, plug and play, created in a flash, not a single line of C++ code! We developed a new operating system for micro controllers with Xojo, called OSμ™. This session will cover how to connect to and configure your custom hardware, and control it, within Xojo.

The Wonderful World of Windows | William Yu, Xojo Inc.
It’s time to take an in-depth look into the Windows platform and framework layer. You’ll learn about best cross-platform practices, how to manage UI flicker, the differences between the new and classic framework as it relates to Windows, HiDPI, Direct2D, Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF3) and using COM/ActiveX.

Use MonkeyBread Plugins to Access Platform-Specific Features | Christian Schmitz, MonkeyBread Software
The MonkeyBread Plugins can help you take advantage of platform-specific OS features. For macOS, you’ll learn how to use the TouchBar, CoreML (for machine learning to detect image content), record video and send notifications. You’ll learn how to use Windows features such as Windows Image Acquisition to communicate with scanners and webcams, DirectShow to record video and Window User Notifications. On Linux, you’ll see how you can get pictures from the Raspberry Pi camera, query system information and run commands as super user. For all platforms you’ll learn how you can add powerful features to HTMLViewer.

Using Xojo to Build a Database/JSON Web Server for Mobile Apps | Gerrit Saey, Censys BV
In this session you will learn how to use the Microsoft Azure elastic SQL database technology and how to build a JSON server using Xojo to serve app web-service requests for iPhone and Android platforms.

Web Framework 2.0 | Greg O'Lone, Xojo Inc.
Come learn about the new web framework and see how it looks! We'll also talk about design considerations and how we've been building the new infrastructure that powers it.

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