Xojo Cloud Hosting For Web Apps

Xojo Cloud is the best solution for deploying Xojo web apps. Developing, testing and deploying your app has never been so easy. You won’t find a more secure, maintenance-free server anywhere.

Xojo Cloud is secure.

You can’t afford to be hacked. When it happens, it’s costly. Unlike most hosting solutions that provide little or no security, each Xojo Cloud server is built with our state-of-the-art, industrial-strength, multi-tiered security system woven into its very core. A smart firewall, intrusion and hacking detection, and Security-Enhanced Linux provide maximum protection against the bad guys. While no system is completely impenetrable, Xojo Cloud gives you security from day one.

Xojo Cloud is easier.

Xojo Cloud servers require zero configuration. Order your server and in minutes it's ready to go. Just open your web project and click Deploy to upload and install your app. It really is that easy.

Xojo Cloud requires no maintenance.

Don’t spend hours every month maintaining a server. We keep your server up-to-date ensuring security and compatibility. Should something bad happen, daily backups make recovery easy.

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Xojo Cloud features

The best way to develop web apps is also the best way to host them.


Our industrial-strength, multi-tiered security is woven into every Xojo Cloud server.


Deploy your apps with just one click! Our servers require zero configuration.


We keep your server up to date with all of the latest patches and versions.

Remote Notifications

Send remote notifications to iOS devices simply and easily.

Get what you need

Have your needs changed? You can upgrade to a larger server at any time.

Daily backups

We backup your server every day so you'll sleep well at night.

Setup SSL, MySQL and more with just a click.

Xojo Cloud Control Panel

Xojo Cloud locations

We have Xojo Cloud servers all around the world, so you can pick the location that's best for you.

We monitor your server 24/7 so you don't have to.

Find the server that's right for you

Xojo Cloud eliminates the complicated process of deploying a web application by offering a one-click solution. Requiring no configuration, Xojo Cloud includes security, automatic backups and predictable pricing.


No contract. No hassle. Cancel at any time.