This programming book is for anyone

About the book

Introduction to Programming with Xojo is a free book that's a great introduction to programming for just about anyone. When you complete the book you will understand the fundamentals of programming and be on your way to creating your own apps. While you will be using Xojo to learn programming, the concepts introduced are applicable to any language you may choose to learn later on.

iOS Addendum
This book provides you with an introduction to creating iPhone and iPad apps with Xojo, which means you can leverage your existing knowledge and skills in Xojo to build and deploy apps for one of today’s biggest mobile platforms.

Teacher's Edition
Introducing the new Teacher Guide for Introduction to Programming with Xojo! This 39-page guide has been developed to help you teach your students how to program, even if you have limited experience yourself.

Table of Contents

Xojo is free to use for learning and development.