Best Development Tool For Making Web Apps

Xojo is made up of a rich set of graphical user interface objects, a modern object-oriented language, an integrated debugger, and a multi-platform compiler.

Drag and Drop UI

Build your user interface with drag and drop. With built-in support for graphics, database servers, internet protocols and more, you can build anything.


Xojo web apps are compiled to binary code so your source code is not stored on the server. Learn more about Xojo web app security.

Develop faster

Use one powerful language to create your web app instead of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, or AJAX, saving you tons of development time.

Simplify Web Development

Design your user interface by dragging and dropping the controls you need in the layout editor,
then code the functionality with just one language.
Run it locally to test and publish to the web when ready!

Experiment with a live demo of a Xojo web app.

Try Xojo Cloud for one-click app hosting.

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Ready to build your app?

All Xojo licenses give you access to new Xojo releases for a 12 month period. After your license expires you may continue to build with any release distributed during that 12 month period, indefinitely. You are never required to renew your Xojo license and can do so anytime before or after its expiration.

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