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Travis Hill

Android Walkthrough

This session will discuss the similarities and differences in Android compared to other platforms. We'll also walk through the process of making an Android app in Xojo, and share tricks and tips along the way.

What’s New in API 2.0

Last year at XDC 2018 we introduced API 2.0 as the new direction for our frameworks. This year we are here to give you an update on progress and show you some of the latest API 2.0 features. We will talk about benefits of these new features and demonstrate how to transition your code to take advantage of them.

About Travis
Travis has enjoyed programming since he first dove in with the TI-99/4A and original Mac. He joined Xojo after being an end-user for more than a decade. When not working on Xojo, he stares at Ableton Live, hoping music comes out.

An interesting fact/hobby/interest that others may not know about you.
The first piece of software I sold was for SysOps who ran a BBS.

Favorite TV show, band, and/or movie?
Impossible to answer definitively, but a good TV pair are Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul

If you could survive on only one food or meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?