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Paul Lefebvre

Avoid Troubleshooting Troubles: Effective Debugging Techniques

Part of programming is learning what to do when you get stuck and your code is not working the way you want. Join Paul as he shows you ways to help you “get unstuck”. You’ll learn about general purpose troubleshooting tips, why “rubber duck debugging” is so helpful and how to make the most of out Xojo’s built-in debugging tools.

Virtuous Code Optimization

Premature code optimization may be the root of all evil, but there comes a time when your code is really ready to be optimized for performance. Join Paul as he shows you how to use the Code Profiler to identify the parts of your code that could benefit from optimization. You’ll learn tips and techniques you can apply to improve the performance of your apps.

What’s New in API 2.0

Last year at XDC 2018 we introduced API 2.0 as the new direction for our frameworks. This year we are here to give you an update on progress and show you some of the latest API 2.0 features. We will talk about benefits of these new features and demonstrate how to transition your code to take advantage of them.

About Paul
Paul is the Xojo Developer Evangelist. Nobody knows what that means exactly, but recently Paul did get banned from a Starbucks for doing an impromptu Xojo demo of an app to calculate the most annoying personalized coffee orders.

How did it come to this? Paul started programming at a young age, but when a career in baseball became increasingly unlikely, he focused his efforts on honing his mad coding skills. After college he joined a small company making DOS-based database apps, eventually moving on to creating enterprise database apps using .NET. During this time, Paul discovered Xojo and soon afterwards left the mind-numbing world of .NET development to become a full-time Xojo consultant. He joined Xojo in 2012 after agreeing to to be the captain of the company softball team.

*Don’t tell Paul Xojo does not have a softball team.

An interesting fact/hobby/interest that others may not know about you.
I play on a men’s baseball team and hit .375 this year.

Favorite TV show, band, and/or movie?
My favorite bands are Def Leppard and Queen. My current favorite TV show (and book series) is The Expanse. My favorite movies are anything Star Wars.

If you could survive on only one food or meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I would eat only sushi if I could.