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Marc Zeedar

Intro to Xojoscript: Xojo’s Coolest Feature

Xojoscript is probably Xojo’s most under- appreciated feature, and yet it’s one of the language’s most powerful and best capabilities. In this overview, you’ll learn what you can do with Xojoscript and how to build dynamic apps with scriptable architecture that don’t require recompiling in order to gain new abilities.

Advanced Xojoscript: Xojo’s Coolest Feature

If you’ve dabbled in Xojoscript and want to learn how to push it to the next level, then this session will teach you how. Learn how to build custom classes in Xojoscript and how to recreate Xojo objects (like the picture class) so you can use them in your own scripts.

About Marc
Marc Zeedar is the publisher of xDev Magazine. xDev is an independent bimonthly publication focused on instructing users of the Xojo development environment that has been produced since 2002. Marc has been developing applications in Xojo and its former incarnations since 1998. In particular, he’s the author of the acclaimed Z-Write word processor.