Xojo End User License Agreement (EULA)

This is the human-readable summary of the full Xojo® license. It's meant to give you the gist of what you are agreeing to when using Xojo. You should read the full legal license agreement for complete clarity.

You are free to:

  • Install Xojo on as many computers as you like.
  • Use Xojo free-of-charge to learn programming and/or develop software.
  • Install Xojo Desktop, Web, Console and Mobile Build license keys you purchase on up to two computers. Xojo Pro license keys may be installed on 3 computers. Xojo Lite and Raspberry Pi license keys may be installed on only 1 computer.

With the understanding that:

  • A Xojo License Key is required to build applications.
  • A Xojo License Key is required to save projects in Text or XML formats.
  • You will be the only user of your Xojo License Key(s).
  • You will not share your Xojo License Key(s) or use someone else's key(s).
  • Licenses purchased directly from Xojo, Inc. are covered by a 90-day money back guarantee.
  • If tax must be paid for purchasing your Xojo License Key(s) and we didn't collect it, you are responsible for paying it.
  • The Xojo IDE will validate your Xojo License Key(s) (should you have any installed) via the Internet.
  • The Xojo IDE will transmit your computer name and computer user name to its' servers via the Internet.
  • You won't ask others to build apps from your projects to avoid purchasing a Xojo License Key(s).
  • You won't build apps from the projects of others so that they can avoid purchasing a Xojo License Key(s).
  • You won't create a derivative of the Xojo IDE, frameworks or compiler.
  • If you are creating a development tool, you will include the "Made with Xojo" logo.
  • Third party developers are permitted to use project item icons in software tools that require Xojo provided they link to the Xojo website and include the "Made with Xojo" logo.
  • We have intentionally kept this agreement simple enough for anyone to quickly read and understand. If you violate the spirit of it (without even violating the legal word of it), we will be forced to replace it with something that is so long, boring, tedious and understandable to only the best of legal professionals that no one will want to read it. So, don't do that.