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Advanced Git Features and Methodologies - Justin Elliott

    You’ve learned the basics of Git for source code management and are now ready for the next step. It’s time to become a Git expert! In this session you will learn about advanced Git features and methodologies like submodules, large file support, working with multiple remotes, picking the right branch strategy, and more!

Adventures in Refactoring - Yves Meynard

    Learn why it’s useful to invest time and energy changing the way your program works, without modifying its behavior. We’ll draw from a real-life example and show how refactoring transformed a horribly dangerous change into a walk in the park. We will explore some common refactoring patterns and see how they can help us improve the way we design and code.

All About iOS - Travis Hill

    Xojo for iOS is an easy way to make iOS apps and it can be a great way to extend your current apps with mobile support. You’ll learn how to use Xojo to make iOS apps, starting with the basics and moving on to cover the iOS framework, including the latest additions from recent Xojo releases.

    Don’t miss out on the mobile revolution. This session will get you fully prepared to start iOS development.

Build and Consume REST WebServices with Xojo - Pat Delaney

    Explore the basic principles behind building and consuming REST WebServices with Xojo through examples. The session will be divided into two sections to give you a firm understanding as to how to utilize REST in your applications. We will examine a complex, secure, Database Access WebService written in Xojo and some of the applications which use it.

Database Design Patterns and Anti-Patterns - Craig Boyd

    Designing a database is easy. Designing a database well is hard. In this session you’ll learn about some of the more common database design patterns that can be used for OLTP (on line transaction processing) and front end application database designs. Additionally, you’ll be made aware of one particular design pattern you should absolutely avoid. This session will be fun and interactive so come with lots of questions.

Database Driven Apps - Hal Gumbert

    Xojo gives us great control with databases, record sets, and field controls which requires great responsibility. Coming from the world of FileMaker, solutions are inherently database driven as 'Layouts' have very strong connections to database tables. In the session, we'll discus how to create stronger connections between databases and the user interface.

Desktop Developer’s Guide to Making iOS Apps - Paul Lefebvre

    You’ve been making desktop apps in Xojo for years and now you’re ready to try making your first iOS app. How do you get started? What differences should you expect? What skills can you leverage? How can you share code? Come to this session to learn these answers and ask your iOS questions. Don’t delay making mobile apps with Xojo. This session will give you the jumpstart you need!

Eliminating Common Database Issues - Carol Keeney

    Creating Xojo database applications is easy but it’s also easy to make mistakes. In this session, you learn about some common mistakes and then you’ll see how ORM tools, such as ActiveRecord, can eliminate mistakes and simplify your database applications.

Fast, Good and Cheap: Removing Human Error in the Xojo Application Build Process - Greg O’Lone

    As programming projects grow in size, they also grow in terms of management requirements. Adding things like Version Control systems (like SVN or Git) and additional developers do make it easier to grow, but there comes a time when the build process itself becomes too complicated (or too tedious) to be done by people... and that's where Build Automation comes in. Come to this session to learn ways to automate the IDE, from IDE Scripts all the way to Continuous Integration, to help build your applications quickly and consistently for quality results every time!

Fun topics with Introspection - Norman Palardy

    Introspection is a very useful part of the Xojo language and there are some fun things you can use it for. This session will cover what you can and can't use it for and show you some techniques for using this powerful feature for things you never thought possible.

Grow Your Software Company: Create Value, Get Sales - Paul Levine

    Media should be talking about you. Customers should be sharing you. Sales should be growing. In this session you’ll get first-hand examples from an expert on the strategies for creating a passionate user base, recurring revenue, and automating your software business for success.

Implementing Self-Updating Apps with Kaju - Kem Tekinay

    It's time to get your apps to self-update, but you don't want to spend more on implementation than it would take to visit each of your customers personally, and you want it to work the same across platforms, so what to do? In this session you'll learn how to use the open-source Kaju project to easily add secure self-updating to your desktop apps.

It Rhymes with Mojo - Mark Strickland

    At some companies (or maybe in your own company) you may have gotten a variety of interesting looks and comments when you recommend Xojo for a project. In particular, management can often be reluctant to use tools that are not from the “big names”. In this session, you’ll learn techniques you can use to help convince the skeptics on your team that Xojo is a great tool to use to create software faster and easier than more mainstream software development tools.

Load Balancing and Other Techniques for Enterprise Web Apps - John Joyce

    Do you have a web app you need to deploy to a large number of users? Then don’t miss this session, which has everything you need to know about configuring your server hardware to support enterprise Xojo web apps. You’ll learn how to set up the HAproxy load balancer and configure it for use with Xojo stand-alone web apps. You’ll see how to handle session management across the balancer along with other topics such as automatic startup, instance management, SSL termination, URL-based routing, security and port forwarding.

Managing Your Projects (and Yourself) to Success - Susan Fennema

    If you are having problems completing projects… if your clients and personal life are suffering due to a lack of structure in your process, this session is for you. Get your life back by learning to control your chaos! Learn to manage your projects, stay in budget and scope and bring them to a successful end. Take the first step to stop tracking your time with intro to value pricing philosophy. Plus, get some tips and techniques on SaaS products to help you manage your business, your team, your client, and your projects. Don’t miss this session from a non-technical project manager, process guru. It will change your approach to your business and clients!

Mastering PostgreSQL - Dirk Cleenwerck

    PostgreSQL is a great free and open-source database that can be used with a wide variety of apps. In this session you’ll learn how to start using PostgreSQL with Xojo. You’ll also learn about some PostgreSQL admin apps that can be used to track your databases, schemas, users and permissions. Topics like performance, user interface, transactions and prepared statements will turn you into a PostgreSQL master. The session closes by touching on advanced topics such as logging, performance monitoring and disk space management.

Modernizing Your Xojo Apps - Paul Lefebvre

    Over the past several years, Xojo has added many new features that can significantly improve and modernize your apps. If you have projects created before these new features were added, you may be wondering why they are needed, how they benefit you and how you can use them. In this session, you’ll learn why you want to update your apps to be 64-bit and how easy it is to do so. You’ll also learn a bit about the new Xojo framework and when it makes sense to use its new features. And lastly you’ll learn how to have a shiny, high-resolution (retina) user interface so your apps look their best on modern displays.

Powering Apple TV Apps With Xojo - Tim Dietrich

    Tim Cook said: "We believe the future of TV is apps." The Apple TV was released late last year and there are not yet many resources for making apps for it. Take advantage of this opportunity by leveraging your Xojo skills to power Apple TV apps. You’ll learn about the “Viewpoint” app that acts as an Apple TV app server to host an app’s assets (images, audio, files) and also dynamically generates the TVML files used for display. Come to this session to learn how to become a pioneer in the world of Apple TV apps!

Raspberry Pi: The Ultimate Gadget - Paul Lefebvre

    Do you love gadgets? Raspberry Pi, first introduced in 2012, is a tiny computer that can be used to solve all types of problems that are not suitable for traditional computers. In many ways it is the ultimate gadget. In this session, you will learn about the Raspberry Pi, including how to set it up with an operating system and connect to it remotely. You will see how simple it is to create Raspberry Pi apps and how easy it is to control things connected to it. The Raspberry Pi is one of the coolest gadgets to have come along in recent years. After attending this session, you’ll have lots of ideas for how you can use it with your own projects.

Responsive Design for Desktop and Web - Michel Bujardet

    High-resolution displays and the wide variety of display sizes on both computers and tablets is making it difficult to design apps that look great everywhere. Your apps have to adjust themselves to use the available space appropriately, such as dealing with smaller screens and device rotation. In this session you’ll learn about responsive design for desktop and web apps and you'll see some clear and simple ways of making your apps respond elegantly to the challenges of the multi-screen era.

Snippets: A Collection of Tools and Code to Enhance Productivity - Bob Gordon

    Everyone wants to become a better developer. In this session you learn about some tools and techniques that can make your life as a developer more productive and less crazy. Topics covered include, launching the correct version of Xojo for you project, reminders about documentation, validation of data entry, data type conversion and more. There will be time at the end for people to share their own tips and tools as well.

Supercharge Your Windows and Linux Apps - William Yu

    Windows and Linux have many native features not built in to Xojo that you can use to enhance your apps. On Windows there is COM, OLE, .NET and Win32. On Linux there is the Gtk UI library. In this session, you’ll learn how to use these technologies in addition to other strategies and tips to make better Windows and Linux apps.

    Windows is the most-used desktop operating system in the world. And Linux is continually advancing with new features. Don’t ignore them. After attending this session, you’ll have picked up major Windows/Linux mojo that you can use with your apps.

Supporting Retina and HiDPI in Your Applications - Greg O'Lone

    In this session, we'll explore the process of bringing Retina/HiDPI support to your applications, including the difference between pixels and points, how the new Graphics and Window properties affect drawing in your applications and how to use Images and Pictures to bring high detail graphics to your customers high resolution screens.

Test Driven Development - Jeremy Cowgar

    Take Unit Testing to the next level with Test Driven Development (TDD). Learn about TDD, its benefits, how increase productivity, and reduce bugs. Includes examples, live coding, and practical application of TDD.

The Dirty Dozen: Connecting to Nearly Any Database with the MBS SQL Plugin - Christian Schmitz

    The Monkeybread Software SQL Plugin offers alternative ways to connect to SQL databases. Come to this session to learn about its interfaces and how to use its powerful features to connect to twelve difference databases. Topics include encryption, easy prepared statements, debugging help and performance tips.

The Xojo Compiler - Joe Ranieri

    An overview of recent improvements to the Xojo programming language and its compiler. More information about this exciting session to come!

The Xojo Framework - Joe Ranieri & Travis Hill

    Learn tips from the experts about how to move into the new framework and dive into the new functionality that has been added since the last XDC.

Unit Testing from Soup to Nuts in Xojo - Philippe Casgrain

    Adding Unit Tests to Xojo is only the beginning. Learn how to increase your test coverage, run and debug tests efficiently, and incorporate your tests in a Continuous Integration environment. This session will leave you with enough information to start integrating, testing and reporting the results right away using a completely automated build-test-deploy cycle.

Xojo’s Role in the API Economy - Tim Dietrich

    APIs are the digital glue that link systems and power today's "API economy." Learn why APIs are becoming increasingly important to Xojo developers, regardless of the types of applications that they are creating. In this session you’ll learn about best practices for designing APIs, and see how you can use Xojo to create APIs of your own. In particular, you’ll see a demonstration of Luna, an open-source Xojo-based API framework.

XojoScript: Xojo's Coolest Feature - Marc Zeedar

    XojoScript is probably Xojo's most under-appreciated feature, and yet it's one of the language's most powerful and best capabilities. Learn about what XojoScript is, what you can do with it, and how to best harness its power. Gather hot tips, see how to build your own API, and build dynamic apps with scriptable architecture that don't require recompiling in order to gain new abilities.

Xojo Reporting on Steroids - Bob Keeney

    Reporting is an essential part of nearly all business applications. In this session you’ll learn how the BKeeney Shorts reporting tool with its embeddable Report Designer can be used to easily create all the reports that your apps need. You’ll also see how you can create report definitions that can be used on both desktop and web applications.

-- Speakers --

Bob Gordon

    Bob Gordon has been causing crashes on small computers since the late seventies. After a while he actually got paid for it. He notes an invoice from Xojo from 1998. Now quasi retired, he has been creating software to support research and enhance safety among other things.

Bob Keeney

    Bob Keeney is the owner of BKeeney Software, a Xojo consulting company located in Kansas City. He has used Xojo for over ten years for clients of all sizes from all over the world. He currently provides over 34 hours of Xojo training videos from his website at www.bkeeney.com.

Carol Keeney

    Carol’s abilities are in finding solutions for business problems, whether via software or not. She enjoys taking data from its raw form to a higher, more usable level. She has broad experience in project management (from start-ups to Fortune 100), database design and development, and customer interaction. She has managed projects via waterfall SDLC approaches and Agile / Scrum methods. Carol has worked on a variety of databases: DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, SQL Lite and MySQL. She moved data using ETL methods for data warehouses and software implementation projects using everything from SSIS to ODBC scripts. Carol is experienced in quality assurance and testing methodologies and processes.

Christian Schmitz

    Christian Schmitz, the CEO from Monkeybread Software, has used Xojo for more than 18 years. The Monkeybread Software Plugin collection is a powerful tool for all Xojo developers.

Craig Boyd

    A Data Architect and Business Intelligence consultant with 20 years of IT experience. Currently working collaboratively with Pat Delaney on 6Ahead - a new and exciting venture creating Database development and modeling tools.

Dirk Cleenwerck

    Dirk is the Head of Quality Control at Use IT Group NV. He has two Bachelor’s Degrees - one in Education and one as a Programmer-Analyst.

Greg O’Lone

    Having just passed his 5th year anniversary with Xojo, Greg is involved in several areas of Xojo's day-to-day operations. As a member of the IT team and primary developer on the Xojo web framework, Feedback and Xojo Cloud, his most recent work has been on updating the IDE for HiDPI and fully automating the Xojo IDE build process.

Hal Gumbert

    Hal owns CampSoftware.com, based in Orlando, FL, which has been using Xojo since 1998 to build and sell software products as well as apps for clients. While primarily a FileMaker Developer since 1991, Hal has recently been focusing on Xojo to create apps with less overhead and more functionality.

Jeremy Cowgar

    Jeremy Cowgar is the Director of I/T at Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions, has been developing software since 1993 and using Xojo since 2006. Jeremy loves development and finding ways to make the process more efficient. If Jeremy isn’t programming, he’s probably spending time with his family (wife and 4 girls), hiking, camping, playing with amateur radio or racing his quad copters.

Joe Ranieri

    Joe Ranieri has been with Xojo, Inc. for the last five years, working on the Cocoa framework, adding new targets to the compiler, bringing retina support to OS X, and updating the debugger to support 64-bit and ARM. He currently focuses on the compiler and low-level framework improvements.

John Joyce

    John lives where creativity, technology and business collide. As an integrated marketing professional, he's as comfortable writing code as developing a messaging and branding strategy. He has international and entrepreneurial experience ranging from marketing agency management, ideation and creative direction, to software development, social media and public speaking.

    Recently John relocated to the Cleveland area from Lisbon, Portugal to take on the role of Director of Marketing at Brennan Industries, the largest privately held manufacturer of hydraulic fittings and adapters in North America. John developed a highly successful enterprise middle-ware application built in Xojo, which Brennan uses to integrate business systems with many of its 6000+ distributors across the US and Canada. John will share lessons he learned along the way in developing that system.

Justin Elliott

    Justin Elliott is an IT Manager at Penn State where he has developed many tools and applications with Xojo (and it’s predecessors) over the past 15 years.

Kem Tekinay

    Kem Tekinay, founder of MacTechnologies Consulting, has been a consultant and developer for over 20 years, and mastering Xojo since the 1990's. He is a frequent contributor to Xojo forums, involved in various open-source projects, and sometimes raising unhandled exceptions.

Marc Zeedar

    Marc Zeedar is the publisher and editor of xDev Magazine, an independent bimonthly publication focused on instructing users of the Xojo development environment that has been produced since 2002. He's been using Xojo since 1998 when he released his acclaimed Z-Write word processor, a unique tool for creative writers. In his spare time he writes novels, watches soccer and films, and lets his cats tell him what to do. He lives in Oregon.

Mark Strickland

    Mark Strickland has served in many capacities and industries in his career. Several decades of experience in Information Technology for manufacturing, road construction, and higher education has given him exposure to business from many perspectives. Jobs ranging from Programmer to CIO to Director of Manufacturing Operations to Software Consulting have helped build his technical, business, and political skills. This experience combined with formal education in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science has created a unique perspective for dealing with the realties of business AND the bits and bytes of writing software.

    Over the years Mark has evolved into a pragmatic MacGyver like perspective for IT problem solving where he does not typically use main stream Microsoft tools. A fondness for the BASIC dialect has lead him through QuickBASIC, PowerBASIC, RealBASIC, and now Xojo. In this non-mainstream path he has encountered his share of skeptics. Sometimes they questioned his choice of tools and solutions but his experience beyond programming has helped him create business justification for his choices.

Michel Bujardet

    A former science and technology reporter, Michel started programming back in 1982 on Apple II, and since then on both Mac and PC. He started Match Software in 1987 in Hollywood, CA with font utilities for PC and Mac. He currently operates http://FontMenu.com and specialized sites such as http://SchoolFonts.com, http://MICR-Fonts.com, as well as barcode products.

    Xojo user since 2002, with 17 titles in the Mac App Store, Michel started sharing his technology as third party components with RubberViews in 2015, an exclusive class that brings resolution independent active scaling to Xojo Desktop programs. RubberViewsWE brings the same powerful technology to Xojo Web, plus Auto Layout.

Norman Palardy

    Norman Palardy has been with Xojo Inc for 8 years and has experience in all aspects of system design and implementation on a wide variety of platforms. At Xojo, his primary role is design & implementation of the IDE.

Pat Delaney

    A freelance software developer who has been working professionally with Xojo for around 10 years, helping businesses both large and small. Currently working collaboratively with Craig Boyd on 6Ahead - a new and exciting venture creating database development and modeling tools.

Paul Lefebvre

    Paul is the Xojo Developer Evangelist. Nobody knows what that means exactly, but recently Paul did get banned from a Starbucks for doing an impromptu Xojo demo of an app to calculate the most annoying personalized coffee orders. How did it come to this? Paul started programming at a young age, but when a career in baseball became increasingly unlikely, he focused his efforts on honing his mad coding skills. After college he joined a small company making DOS-based database apps, eventually moving on to creating enterprise database apps using .NET. During this time, Paul discovered Xojo and soon afterwards left the mind-numbing world of .NET development to become a full-time Xojo consultant. He joined Xojo in 2012 after agreeing to to be the captain of the company softball team.*

Paul Levine

    For over 15 years, Paul has developed and marketed more than 20 popular apps for Mac and Windows. His latest app, EverWeb, is the first desktop website builder with integrated web hosting- allowing anyone to build and publish a professional website with no technical skills.

Philippe Casgrain

    Philippe is the Lead Developer for Lightspeed OnSite, a Mac-based point-of-sales system built with the help of Xojo.

Susan Fennema

    Susan Fennema is the Chaos Eradicating Officer (CEO) of Beyond the Chaos, a consultancy helping small business owners gain control of their lives through through better processes, organization, and structure of their business operations and projects. She has over 25 years experience in the software development, creative, marketing, and advertising industries. She is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a BA in journalism. She lives and works in McKinney, Texas, with her husband, her dog, and two cats.

Tim Dietrich

    Tim Dietrich specializes in developing Apple TV apps and custom APIs. Tim is the author of Que's FileMaker Pro 13 Absolute Beginner's Guide, and is currently working on a new book that will cover developing Apple TV apps using TVML. He is a frequent contributor of open source solutions, including EasySync (an award-winning sync framework) and Luna (a Xojo-based framework for creating APIs). To learn more, visit: http://timdietrich.me

Travis Hill

    Travis is a technology entrepreneur and angel investor. He has built several technology related businesses, specializing in online communications and scaled data processing. Travis joined the Xojo team after being an end-user for more than a decade.

William Yu

    An avid BASIC user since the early VIC-20 days, William has been fortunate to work on one of the best programming languages available today, Xojo! When not battling Windows & Linux issues he can be found tackling more challenging issues, i.e. his three kids.

Yves Meynard

    Yves Meynard is a senior developer at Lightspeed. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Université de Montréal. He also happens to be an award-winning novelist.

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*Xojo has no softball team, please don't tell Paul.