Xojo: Visual Basic For Mac

Xojo is a modern alternative to Microsoft Visual Basic. The Xojo programming language is a single language to build cross-platform apps for Windows, macOS and Linux, plus web, iOS and Raspberry Pi. With Xojo you simply develop faster.

Create 32 and 64-bit apps out of the box! Convering old VB6 projects to Xojo means more speed and flexibility, while creating a deployable product that simply works from Windows 7 to the most current Windows version without the need to install additional libraries, service packs or other components.

Powerful, Native and Cross-Platform

Xojo is more powerful than VB6 while more approachable than VB.NET. Xojo apps are compiled to native code. The run-time library is included with your applications so there is nothing additional that needs to be installed on users’ computers.

Unlike VB and Visual Studio, Xojo allows you to develop on Windows, macOS or Linux. For example, you can develop a Windows app from your Mac and vice versa. Simply stated: Xojo allows you to quickly create the apps you need.

Modernize Legacy Desktop Apps with Web and iOS

Since Xojo can create apps for so many platforms, it is a great way to modernize and update your legacy desktop apps so that you can also have web and mobile apps. With Xojo, web apps are as easy to make as desktop apps. Xojo web apps can be deployed to any server (Linux, macOS or Windows) and can also use the industry standard Apache web server.

These days mobile apps are a necessity. With Xojo, you can design your app with drag and drop using the layout editor, add your code with just one language and publish. Access the iOS-features you'd expect, like sharing panel and your photo library, and also the iPhone's hardware-based features, like motion, location and camera. Xojo makes iOS development familiar and fast.

Get started with Xojo.

Switching from VB to Xojo

Xojo is free to use for learning and development, a licenses is needed when you're ready to build. To learn more about Xojo, be sure to read the User Guide and visit the Xojo Dev Center. We also offer a guide on Migrating from VB to Xojo.

To facilitate the switch from VB to Xojo, try the Visual Basic Migration Assistant. This tool moves your project files, source code and user interface to a Xojo project. It is a convenient way to get your code into Xojo so you can refer to it while working.