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Paul Levine grew up in Canada in a family of avid Mac enthusiasts. At the age of 13, his dad bought him a PowerBook G3 and shortly after that, his older brother gave him a demo version of Xojo (then REALbasic) and told him to learn it. It's 2015 and Levine still uses Xojo daily, running a company with a sable of apps that depend on it.

"My brother has been right about two things in his life: in the early 90’s he showed me a .com URL and said one day every company would have these, he was 12 at the time and in 1999 he told me to learn how to create software because it would open a lot of doors for me," commented Levine.

Levine quickly got up to speed with Xojo using the examples and code and building simple apps. He first made an insecure password manager, a guessing game and finally a file browser called Macintosh Explorer based on Windows Explorer.

"It was relatively easy to start designing an application and the sample code got me started," said Levine. "I stuck with it because I really enjoyed the problem solving aspect of software development."

Levine started Rage Software in 1999, the majority of their applications were related to search engine optimization (SEO). At the time, they were the only native SEO software for the Mac and later, the only native cross-platform SEO software products available.

Today, EverWeb is Levine’s main focus, it’s a drag and drop visual website builder that lets anyone create websites with no coding or design experience. EverWeb attracts users who want to create a website without relying on anyone else, but have no idea how to get started. EverWeb makes it super easy to start either from a template or from a blank canvas and design your website exactly how you want it without any technical skills.

EverWeb is the only website builder that integrates a native, downloadable application with a one click web publishing solution. No configuration is necessary to get your website online. It offers 100% freedom in design while producing super fast HTML5 and CSS3 websites.

"We have tens of thousands of users building websites with EverWeb," commented Levine. "Our users are small business owners, religious institutions, schools and hobbyists (especially photographers) who want to focus on what they do best while still having complete control over their online web presence."

"Our users know that technology is here to make your life easier, not require you to learn new things at every corner," continued Levine. "They focus on what they are good at and use EverWeb to express themselves online."

EverWeb is a collaboration of work from many developers and took close to 2 years to get to version 1.0. EverWeb is composed of both the downloadable website builder and an online portal to manage aspects of your website from anywhere. Macworld.com has said of EverWeb: "With a deep feature set and a well-thought-out interface, EverWeb is one of the best options for new or casual web designers."

Learn more about EverWeb or try it free at the EverWeb website.


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