Press Release

combit List & Label and Xojo – Teaming Up For An Even Larger Community

Constance, Germany/Austin, Texas, 02/22/2016 - With the Xojo developer platform as its synergy partner, Constance software manufacturer combit enters into its next high-quality alliance. Effective immediately, Xojo developers can integrate combit List & Label into their own apps and thus create highly expressive reports using the combit List & Label Report Designer. A specially developed sample application makes it easy to get started. Through synergetic partnerships such as this, combit is continually expanding the user's scope and building the community for the award-winning reporting tool List & Label.

Thanks to an object-oriented programming language and a drag and drop user interface builder, Xojo provides developers with a quick and easy path to programming apps for the desktop, web, iOS and Raspberry Pi. An app created by Xojo Evangelist Paul Lefebvre, with the assistance of developers from combit, demonstrates how easy it is to integrate List & Label. The combination of Xojo and List & Label facilitates the creation of impressive reports for Windows apps with the List & Label Report Designer. The data used for the reports can come from any source, including databases, files, text, or directly from an application (such as a ListBox).

Anyone wishing to give List & Label a try in combination with Xojo can download the List & Label trial, which is valid for 30 days, from the combit website. The Xojo app itself is available on the manufacturer's Third Party Products page under "Reporting". Further joint developments between Xojo and List & Label are already being planned.

“Xojo is commonly used to create business data analysis applications and reporting is often a critical component,” commented Geoff Perlman, Xojo Founder and CEO. “List & Label provides the Xojo community with another excellent option.”

"We are delighted to welcome the rapidly growing community of Xojo developers to our community. We have a long tradition of supporting and serving different Windows development platforms and currently already support more than 20 languages. The cooperation with Xojo will greatly help developers to leverage the power of our reporting tool List & Label in Xojo applications. Both sides will only benefit from this cooperation," reflects combit Head of Development List & Label, Jochen Bartlau, with satisfaction.

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