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Latest Update to Development Environment and Programming Language Xojo Adds Ability To Build Apps For Windows ARM

AUSTIN, Texas (July 25, 2022) — Xojo is a rapid application development environment for the desktop, web, iOS and Raspberry Pi that includes a drag-and-drop GUI builder, compiler, debugger and the powerful Xojo programming language. Desktop development with Xojo is cross-platform, so you can develop for macOS, Windows and Linux from your preferred platform. Xojo has been in development for more than 25 years and is used globally by professional developers, citizen developers, hobbyists and students.

Xojo Inc, has announced that Xojo 2022 Release 2 is now available and adds 230 improvements and 42 new features, including the ability to build applications for Windows ARM. Xojo developers can compile their apps for Windows ARM with this release with no code changes and offer native support for devices such as the Surface Pro X and virtual machines like Apple Silicon Macs running Windows in Parallels. This release adds improvements to building web applications with Xojo, with many fixes included. Xojo’s PDF support has also been expanded to offer PDF encryption and annotation.

“Xojo developers can modernize their apps without having to re-code or add support themselves for new architectures and frameworks,” commented Geoff Perlman Xojo’s Founder and CEO. “As Xojo was one of the first software development tools to support the new Apple Silicon Macs, with this release our Windows support has been modernized for developing native apps for Windows ARM, with Linux ARM support coming very soon. Xojo developers will only need to re-compile their apps using 2022 Release 2 and make no other changes to support this architecture.”

“As a Xojo user for many years and now a product engineer, I continue to be impressed with how easy it is to modernize my apps with little to no changes,” commented Xojo Engineer Ricardo Cruz. “I just opened a pet Xojo web project I developed a year ago in the new release and it just works - but better, and no fighting upgrading dependencies or dealing with conflicts!”

Major changes in Xojo 2022 Release 2 include:

  • Build native desktop apps for Windows ARM
  • Improved online help
  • iOS MobileHTMLViewer has support for additional events and JavaScript
  • PDF improvements, like encryption and annotation
  • Many Web 2.0 fixes and improvements
  • Many general IDE improvements


Xojo is free to use for learning and development. A license is required to build your applications. Pricing begins at $149 for building for a single desktop platform. Building cross-platform desktop, iOS or web applications is $399. Xojo Pro and Pro Plus packages are available from $799 and up, offering increased support and resources for professional developers.

Xojo 2022 Release 2 is available at For information on pricing and licensing options, please visit

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