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Develop Native Mac Apps from Windows and Linux With Xojo 2021 Release 3; Adds Windows Dark Mode Support

AUSTIN, TX, USA (November 18, 2021) — Xojo, Inc., the company that enables developers all over the world to build native cross-platform applications, today announced the availability of Xojo 2021 Release 3. Using the Xojo programming language and rapid application development environment, developers and all kinds of creative people can make apps for the Desktop (macOS, Windows and Linux), Web, iOS, and Raspberry Pi. This latest update adds a number of exciting new features and improvements, including the ability to build and debug native apps for the Mac from Windows and Linux, Dark Mode support on Windows and new encryption features, like BlowFish and TwoFish.

Application development with Xojo is easy and straight-forward since the user interface can be built with drag and drop from the library of native controls. The Xojo programming language itself is intuitive and powerful. Because of its ease-of-use as well as power under the hood, Xojo is the ideal development environment for citizen developers, professional developers, hobbyists and students. It's the result of more than 20 years of development and Xojo itself is made with the current release of Xojo.

Xojo 2021 Release 3 includes:

  • Building Mac apps from Windows and Linux
  • Dark Mode support on Windows
  • Desktop API 2.0
  • New encryption features: SHA3, BlowFish, TwoFish and CRC32
  • iOS now uses iOS 15 SDK
  • SQLite 3.36.0 with support for RETURNING on DELETE, INSERT, UPDATE statements
  • Desktop project icon resources are saved as compressed PNGs, helping to significantly reduce project file sizes
  • Lots of improvements and 135+ bug fixes

“We are working constantly to modernize Xojo so that it continues to be capable of producing the kinds of apps our users need with the ability to run on the latest technology platform vendors provide,” commented Geoff Perlman, Founder and CEO of Xojo, Inc. “The ability to create applications on one Operating System and build them for another has been a part of our vision for Xojo even before we shipped the first release on July 4th, 1998. We are excited that 2021r3 allows the compilation of native Mac apps from Windows and Linux. Additionally, Dark Mode support for Windows and new encryption features, along with over 240 other improvements make our latest release the next step in the manifestation of our vision.”

"We look towards the future with every new update of Xojo," commented Dana Brown, Xojo's Director of Sales and Marketing. "Developers need to offer cross-platform solutions in order to stay competitive. Today, they can build for any Desktop platform (macOS, Windows and Linux) from any platform with Xojo. On the mobile side, today we being testing with our new Android framework and we look forward to developers being able to offer cross-platform mobile solutions."

"I am extremely happy with the release of Xojo 2021r3," commented Jérémie Leroy, developer of Packr. “During this release cycle I worked behind the scenes with the Xojo engineers to solve some issues in the mobile framework, which resulted in one of my graphics intensive apps now running without any hiccups, which is a great benefit to my own users. This release reaffirms my confidence that Xojo can provide me with a great tool for building iOS apps and I'm very much looking forward to the release of the Android framework."


Xojo is free to use for learning and development. A license is required to build your applications. Pricing begins at $99 for building for a single desktop platform. Building cross-platform Desktop, iOS or Web applications is $299. Xojo Pro and Pro Plus are available from $699 and up, offering increased support and resources for professional developers.

Xojo 2021 Release 3 is available at For information on pricing and licensing options, please visit

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