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Xojo Announces the Availability of Xojo 2018 Release 1; Includes Windows Improvements and iOS Support for iPhone X Screens

AUSTIN, TX, USA (April 18, 2018) — Xojo, Inc., the company that has enabled over 340,000 developers to build native cross-platform applications, today announced the availability of Xojo 2018 Release 1. Xojo is a rapid application development tool for making apps for the desktop (macOS, Windows and Linux), web, iOS, and Raspberry Pi. With over 270 improvements, this release has some exciting updates, especially for those who use Xojo on Windows or to build iOS apps. On the Windows side, the Xojo IDE can now run and debug 64-bit applications. In addition, flicker has been greatly reduced for both the Xojo IDE and Windows apps. Also, iOS apps now use the iOS 11 SDK and automatically support the larger iPhone X screen size.

Xojo is the best environment for professional developers, citizen developers and hobbyists alike. Xojo applications compile to machine code for greater performance and security. It uses native controls so apps look and feel right on each platform. Since one set of source code can be used to support multiple platforms, development is 10 times faster than traditional tools. Xojo comes with a drag and drop user interface builder and one straightforward programming language for development.

"We have a lot of Windows users and even more that deploy on Windows," commented Geoff Perlman, Xojo Founder and CEO. "This release is a milestone for their user experience. Windows applications, regardless of the tool they were made with, often flicker quite a bit as the user interface updates. With this release we have nearly reduced the flicker to zero, without requiring the Xojo developer to do anything."

"Our two primary cross-platform apps are now opening, loading, and displaying fast and cleanly on Windows," commented Tim Jones of TOLIS Group. "Between the Windows application stability and the performance enhancements I see, this release really improves the overall experience and productivity of developing Windows apps with Xojo."

Xojo 2018 Release 1 features:

  • Windows IDEs can now Run and Debug 64-bit Windows applications.
  • Windows framework updates to reduce flicker.
  • iOS builds now use iOS 11 SDK and support iPhone X screens.
  • You can now display server stats for you Xojo Cloud servers.
  • WebFileUploader has many improvements, including: Drag&Drop, multiple file selection, filtering, upload progress, supports files > 2GB.

Xojo 2018 Release 1 is available at Xojo is free to use for learning and development. For information on pricing and licensing options, please visit

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