Press Release

Xojo, Inc. Announces Xojo 2014 Release 2

Release adds significant speed improvements on web framework, introduces new single platform license and enterprise package with included training from Xojo, Inc.

Austin, Texas, USA (July 1, 2014) — Xojo, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of Xojo 2014 Release 2, the faster development tool for web and desktop apps. Xojo is a cross-platform, object-oriented development tool that enables people to create high-quality, powerful applications for the desktop (OS X, Windows and Linux), web, and web-mobile. This latest release continues to focus on quality with more than 190 improvements and 18 new features, many directed specifically to the web framework.

This release also adds several new Xojo licensing options. Xojo Desktop licenses are now available as a single platform option for those who only need to develop for 1 platform and do not need cross-platform functionality. The Xojo Desktop single platform licenses are fully featured and users can develop for their choice of OS X, Windows or Linux for $99. Xojo Enterprise is now available for users that need top level support. This package includes licenses for the Desktop and Web, priority support, 8 hours of customized Xojo training, and more and is available for $2,000 per year.

Currently serving over 250,000 users worldwide, Xojo is the best environment for both professional developers and people wanting to learn to program. Xojo apps compile to machine code for both web and desktop applications for greater performance and security. In addition, Xojo also offers Xojo Cloud, the one-click application hosting service for users to seamlessly host their web apps, with zero configuration and zero maintenance.

"We are constantly improving Xojo and now that we offer Xojo Cloud for hosting web applications, our web platform is a total solution that maximizes your security while making it easy for you to develop your app and get it deployed faster," commented Geoff Perlman, Xojo Founder and CEO. "We take security very seriously at Xojo and, in fact, our hosting partner has said, ‘Only our most paranoid customers have this kind of security.’ But, when it comes to security, it pays to be paranoid. When it comes to protecting valuable data, too much security is never enough."

"We found Xojo at just the right time," commented Tim Hare, co-owner of Telios Systems Company. "We needed to quickly transition our software to a new development environment, a monumental task. Xojo proved very easy for our engineers to learn and I really like that Xojo doesn’t get in my way. That flexibility allowed us to create a robust application framework and take rapid application development to extremely rapid application development; Finding Xojo saved our business!"

Xojo 2014 Release 2 also includes:

  • Added support for root SSL certificates in PostgreSQL
  • 77 improvements to the IDE, including inspector properties reorganized to make better use of available space and the ability to add plist files to project to include in built app
  • Over 50 web platform improvements including significant speed improvements
  • Added 20+ new example projects

Xojo is free to use for learning and developing applications. A license is required to build a standalone application. Xojo offers a 90-day money back guarantee on all new licenses.

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