XDC Anywhere 2022

April 25th - April 28th

Save the dates for the first XDC you can
attend from anywhere.

Join us for multi-day event starting with a Keynote from CEO Geoff Perlman. The best part is that you can attend from anywhere you like in the world, completely free. The sessions will be available for you to watch on-demand, as your schedule allows. Mark your calendar for April 25th - 28th!

XDC Anywhere Features:

On-Demand Sessions

Watch recorded sessions from the Xojo Team and experts whenever it's convenient for you. Participate in the parallel discussion and ask your questions on the Xojo Forum.

Ask the Engineers

Join a live session with our Xojo Engineers. You'll be able to get your questions answered and hear the engineers talk about some of their favorite topics!

Hangout and Networking

This live Hangout is the place to network face-to-face with other Xojo developers from around the world. We'll have virtual breakout rooms to keep the groups small and it is BYOB.



Since we have users all over the world joining, session videos will be released so you can watch them at a time that is convenient for you. Each video will be linked with a topic on the Xojo Forum where you can continue the conversation and ask questions.

Monday, April 25th

  • Keynote from Geoff Perlman (Available starting at 10AM CT)

Tuesday, April 26th

  • Sessions, Part 1 (Available starting at 10AM CT)

Wednesday, April 27th

  • Sessions, Part 2 (Available starting at 10AM CT)

Thursday, April 28th

  • Live Q&A via Zoom with the Xojo Engineers at 1PM CT (To be recorded)
    Join live via this Zoom link
  • Live Social Hangout via Zoom at 2PM CT - More Info


We'd like to thank the speakers for taking the time to record some of the sessions they had prepared for our London conference. We hope you enjoy the content and will join us on Thursday for live Q&A and discussion.

  • XDC Keynote Part 1 and Part 2 from Geoff Perlman - Founder and CEO of Xojo, Inc. Geoff Perlman discusses our vision for Xojo, how we have been delivering on that vision and our plans for continuing to do so for the future.

Tuesday Sessions

  • Xojo for Android from Paul Lefebvre - Xojo Engineer Paul Lefebvre talks about Xojo for Android, currently in pre-release testing. Learn about Android Architecture (ART), supported Android OSs, Android UI Components, Android Framework items, debugging and more coming to Xojo Mobile, plus a look at some sample code for Xojo Android.

  • Building Plugins for Xojo from William Yu - In this XDC Anywhere session, Xojo Engineer William Yu talks about how you can use the Plugins SDK to create your own Xojo plugins. You’ll see what the structure of a plugin looks like and explore how the dynamic API can be utilized to access parts of the Xojo framework.

  • What's New in MBS & Xojo 2022 from Christian Schmitz - Christian shows you what's new in MBS Xojo Plugins for 2021/2022. Monkeybread Software is one of the most respected names in the Xojo community and offers a variety of plugins.

  • Building a Xojo Web Dashboard from Wayne Golding - In this XDC Anywhere session, Xojo MVP Wayne Golding builds a Xojo Web Dashboard where all dashboard pages are the same, so the activity is managed at the Application level.

Wednesday Sessions

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