Xojo Developer Retreat

September 19 - 20, 2022 in Nashville

Xojo Developer Retreat 2022 Sessions List

ABCs of Android and Xojo - Travis Hill (Xojo, Inc.)

Join Travis as he discusses how to create, debug and quickly share an Android app. He'll talk about ways to re-use code from an existing desktop or iOS project and discuss the similarities and differences between Android and other Xojo platforms.

Building Digital Forensic Apps with Xojo - Derrick Donnelly

Understand how data is collected, parsed, analyzed and validated to be used as digital evidence. Digital forensic science is a branch of forensic science that focuses on the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices related to cybercrime. Learn about how BlackBag created industry leading Digital Forensic Applications using Xojo.

Case Study: Building Data Processing Tools - Geoff Perlman (Xojo, Inc.)

Geoff will detail the process he went through building applications to convert Xojo's documentation and bug base (Feedback) to their new platforms. He'll share the ins and outs and things he learned along the way. Geoff's not just the Founder and CEO of Xojo, he's a user too!

Creating a Common Desktop App Installer - Ken Whitaker (Leading Software Maniacs)

Learn a simplified approach to develop a unified desktop installer for Xojo apps under Windows and macOS. Ken will build an app template that self-extracts data folders to destination folders the first time it runs. You'll also learn about the various problems associated with desktop app installers, why app and data folders should be separate, how to make installation a non-support issue for the user and a clever way to update your app's installation with licensing or settings files.

Getting Intimate with the Xojo Framework - William Yu (Xojo, Inc.)

Join William as he covers intricate details about the technologies used in the Xojo framework. You’ll learn about platform quirks and traps to avoid through examples of best practices for getting the most out of these platform technologies.

Integrating Machine Learning into your Xojo Apps - Jim Meyer

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are no longer just found in science fiction books and movies. They are here today and are not only impacting the IT world but many aspects of our daily lives. Building these technologies into your Xojo app is getting easier and easier. In particular, Jim will demonstrate how to implement cloud based ML services along with Edge Inferences using Apple’s Core ML along with some low cost Linux based dedicated hardware.

Integrating WooCommerce with Your Xojo Apps - Javier Menendez (Xojo, Inc.)

In this session Xojo Engineer Javier Menendez will show how easy is to integrate the eCommerce solution WooCommerce with your Xojo apps, including a demo app where you will be able to retrieve and work with all the data from customers and orders.

PowerXS - Marc Zeedar (xDev Magazine)

Perhaps the biggest limitation to XojoScript is that the language does not include access to all of the Xojo framework, such as dates or folderitems. This means you can’t just copy standard Xojo code into a XojoScript and expect it to work. There are elaborate workarounds, such as recreating classes in XojoScript and accessing them via your script’s context object, but that’s a lot of extra work. What if there was a way to do that automatically? With PowerXS, Marc is introducing a system that will include all the code for these frameworks for you. All you have to do is use it to call your XojoScripts and then you can use many standard Xojo framework objects just like you would in your main Xojo applications!

Thanks For the MemoryBlocks - Kem Tekinay (MacTechnologies Consulting)

You’ve got critical code that must run faster, but how? Come and learn about the MemoryBlock and how you can use it to dramatically speed up your code. You’ll also find out about Structures, Ptrs, and some low-level techniques that will change your view on life, the universe, and everything.

The Legal Side of Programming - Amy Barnes

The legal side of programming will cover different types of agreements, some basic elements of formal contracts, why every business should use contracts, and the nuts and bolts basics of dealing with lawyers.

Using MBS to Extend Xojo - Christian Schmitz (MonkeyBread Software)

Using the MBS Plugins, you can extend Xojo with 73,000 functions in the complete MBS Plugin Set or get components like DynaPDF, Chart Director or MBS SQL Plugin. Join Christian to learn about what's new and what MBS can do for you.

Using Xojo's PDFDocument - Javier Menendez (Xojo, Inc.)

Xojo's Javier Menendez discusses everything you need to know about using PDFDocument in your Xojo apps along with all of the exciting changes that have come in recent releases.

Web SDK - Ricardo Cruz (Xojo, Inc.)

If you are making web apps with Xojo, you'll want to join Ricardo to learn how to make your own controls with the WebSDK. Some familiarity with JavaScript/TypeScript will be helpful when attending this session.

Xojo: How It’s Made - Paul Lefebvre (Xojo, Inc.)

Xojo brings numerous technologies together into one tool that lets you make many different types of apps (desktop, web, mobile, and console) for all the major platforms (macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android). Join Paul to find out a bit about what goes into making Xojo. You’ll learn about Xojo’s history and get an overview of the tools, technologies and components that are used to make Xojo itself.

19 Ways To Improve Your Business (Other Than Coding) - Yousaf Shah (DataTherapy)

Many Xojo programmers started their business journeys writing code, but does great code make a great business? In this non-technical session, we will discuss what makes a good business, how to stay relevant, live a happy sane life and how not to get sucked into doing the complete opposite!

We still have a few more sessions to announce. Stay tuned for updates!

*Schedule subject to change