Antonio Rinaldi Xojo Extensions


A brand new class to use the UICollectionView with custom cells (iOSCustomTableCell).

This class uses interfaces to extend the datasource or the cell, so you can implement only the features that you need. With the inspector you can set the background color, the standard cell size, the space between cells, the scroll direction, the header and footer size and if they have to be linked (as they are in the iOSTableView), enable/disable the dragReorder, the selection and if the selection can be a multiple selection.

  • Custom cell size - Can change the "standard" size on per cell basis.
  • Custom section Header and Footer - Use custom Header and/or footer for the sections (iOSCustomTableCell)
  • Move the cells - Trigger cell reorder by code
  • Cell Drag Reorder - Coordinate cell movement in your data source and choose whether to accept a position on per cell basis
  • Selection management - None, single or multiple on view basis, and accept, or don't accept, a selection on a cell basis
  • Scroll by code to a cell
  • Contextual Menu - Long touch on the cell to pop up a custom contextual menu
  • Partial Reload - Reload only the visible cells, the cells in a section or the cells in a group that you define
  • Cell reset - If the cell implements the interface, reset it at a class level before populating it with a data source
  • Swipe to reload - Set a custom color for the update wheel and show a custom text to the user and enable the refresh by Swipe


A class to use to stop the user from touching the interface while you are downloading something from the net or doing a long process.

  • Cover all the interface so the user will not able to use navigation buttons or other items
  • Optional Text - Show a custom text (multiple lines) to keep the user updated and set the font and the color
  • Optional Progress Wheel - Show an animated progress wheel with a custom color
  • Works between views - The code can navigate to a new view and still have the Waiting view active
  • Blur - The view will automatically blur the underlying interface at the intensity you choose


Extension methods for the iOSgraphic object to draw doughnut graphs.

  • Single value - To show a percentage value, with custom color for the value and the total, you can add a format to show the percentage.
  • Multiple values - More values in the same ring, each value with its color.
  • Autoresize - The graphic is a circle and it auto-resizes itself in the avaliable or indicated space and you can use this feature to add more graphs, one inside the other.


A iOSTableView subclass that add some useful features.

Almost all the features are implemented as interface for your datasource so you can add only the methods you really need.

  • Dark mode enabled - All the color features are usable for darkmode (iOS 13+)
  • Customize Swipe to reload - Set a custom color for the update wheel and you an show a custom text to the user
  • Table Header and Footer - Global Header and Footer
  • Custom section Header and footer (use iOSCustomTableCell)
  • Contextual Menu - Long touch on the cell to pop up a custom contextual menu
  • Side index - To show a menu on the right side, as in the Contacts application, to navigate quickly between table sections
  • TextEdit Fix - Fix to the bug that scrolls the entire view when a keyboard is shown; control the distance from the top of the cell. Updated for iOS 11
  • Multiple Selection - You can enable the multiple selection editing
  • Search - Enable the search with or without scope buttons