Moth Software


Mime Parser

The easy way to parse emails on macOS.


  • Parses all emails, including ones that are partially or mixed up.
  • All emails have content for text and HTML.
  • Mojibake can be recovered. A typical example is “Mit freundlichen Grüssen” which is “Mit freundlichen Grssen”. Please note, a DefineEncoding followed by ConvertEncoding doesn’t fix Mojibake.
  • Even the most complex attachment names are handled correctly (filename0=utf-8’’%D0%A1%D0%A3%D0%BF%D1%80%D0%98%D0%94%20%52%75%73%2E%70; filename1=%70%74%78).
  • Image and PDF attachments are shown inline in the email. All other attachments have a clickable document preview.
  • Displays quotes for simple emails.
  • Optionally external content can be downloaded and saved into the HTML part of the email.
  • Can show mails in Dark Mode when there is no style information.
  • Can show a context menu in the preview which offers a simple hook to do something with the attachment. Clicking on an attachment in the preview has the same hook.
  • Only available on macOS, requires MBS Plugin.

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