Xojo for Raspberry Pi

Why Xojo?

Create apps for Raspberry Pi with Xojo! Stop using console-based Python to create boring apps. With Xojo you can create desktop, web and console apps all from a slick integrated development environment using a powerful object-oriented programming language. Plus, Xojo is cross-platform and multi-platform, so your apps can also easily work on Windows, OS X, Linux and the web.

Raspberry Pi and other single-board computers provide an inexpensive and compact solution for cases where a typical PC is overkill.

Raspberry Pi Board“As part of our ambiance music and digital signage services, we’re using Mac Minis as the hardware platform for our media player software. Xojo supporting the Raspberry Pi will have a significant impact on our business: lower cost for the Pi compared to Minis, cheaper shipping of replacement units, easier installation... But the best part is we’ll be able to simply recompile our existing software with minimal changes and start deploying Pi units in a very short time. And since the same code will be compiled to run on both the existing Minis and the Pi, we’ll be able to continue adding features to our software and still support both platforms."
- Bruno Frechette, PJJ Productions

“For the last several years I have wanted to be able to sell a complete turnkey control solution to my customers. But re-selling a “normal” PC is not a cost effective solution. With Xojo now supporting Raspberry Pi, I can provide a complete, branded turnkey control solution to my customers for less than what they would spend on a PC based system. With minimal modifications that were related more to Linux than anything else, I had one of my applications compiled and running on the Raspberry Pi with no issues. I am very excited about being able to provide a complete solution to my customers as opposed to just the software piece.”
- Jon Ogden, Just Add Software

As thousands of people can attest, Xojo is the easiest way to create apps. And now it is the easiest way to create Raspberry Pi apps. Plus, if you’ve already created apps using Xojo, you can click one button to create a version for Raspberry Pi!

Xojo Raspberry Pi

Technical Details

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make an LED blink using Xojo and Raspberry Pi!