The best way to make apps for your Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that can be used when a typical PC is overkill, such as in robotics or with embedded systems. It’s a great learning tool, and since it’s a fully functional computer with input/output, storage, and wifi capabilities, it can be used to interface and control other things.

With Xojo, you can create desktop and console apps for your Raspberry Pi all from a slick integrated development environment using drag and drop, along with the simple and straight-forward Xojo programming language. Plus, Xojo is cross-platform and multi-platform, so your apps can also easily work on Windows, macOS, Linux and the web.

Xojo makes it easy to create your own apps.

Creating a Raspberry Pi app is no different than creating an app for other targets, so you'll be ready to develop desktop, mobile or web apps whenever you want!

Xojo IDE

Write your code and design your user interface using a single, integrated tool.

Remote Debugger

Automatically build for and transfer to the Pi in one quick and easy step.

GPIO Support

Use this 40-pin port to connect external hardware to the Pi, like LEDs and displays.

Build Desktop & Console Pi Apps Free!

Create desktop and console apps that run on Raspberry Pi 2, 3 or 4
(and most other devices that support Linux running an ARMv7 CPU or higher).

Start Building Pi Apps

Xojo in Action

See how one developer used Xojo to program a robot to paint a million dollar painting.

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