What Xojo Users Are Saying About Xojo

Here are comments from users who have told us how much they love Xojo. Send us your story and we'll post it here.

Jérémie Leroy said:

Xojo 2020r2 is a big step up for making native iOS apps. It is no secret that my business is iOS-centric for the past couple years. After releasing ten apps on the App Store, I was eagerly waiting for this update. The new features in Xojo 2020r2, such as Notifications, Modal Screens, Search Fields and Plugins are a great addition to the framework. The new Mobile classes will set a new ease-of-use standard for sharing code between iOS and Android apps in the near future. The ability to mix iOS-specific features with the new cross-platform Mobile classes will help a lot for a smooth transition. I am now looking forward to making Android apps with Xojo.

Ken Whitaker said:

With the announcement of Apple Silicon, the demand for this new family of high-performing Macs is going to be huge. With Xojo 2020 R2, I am now able to rebuild my app to a Universal Binary with no code changes whatsoever. I couldn’t imagine a better app development environment for our upcoming Spresso apps designed for creative professionals. With a single set of source code, our desktop apps support Intel Macs, Apple Silicon Macs, and Windows. This is like a dream come true.

Hanif Saad said:

Xojo’s Web 2.0 enables everyone to develop beautiful and powerful responsive web applications in the shortest time possible.

Andreas Reichmann said:

After initial testing I quickly recognized the great performance gain Xojo Web 2.0 brings to our application. Transitioning to Web 2.0 was easier than we had expected. The backend code could be taken over almost completely without changes and the user interface was redesigned based on the new controls. The performance gain, especially with many concurrent sessions, is huge and allows a fluent user experience, with a very modern look and feel.

Bob Keeney said:

Xojo makes working with the Raspberry Pi easy and painless. The new Remote Debugger for Raspberry Pi lets us develop our solutions on the Mac and then easily deploy and debug to the Pi with a single click. Debugging a large application used to take days, now it just takes hours.

Robert Birge said:

The recent ability to create 64bit applications is very important to those of us who use Xojo to create math intensive programs. The quality of the IDE and the ability to create sophisticated cross-platform applications is unique to Xojo, and makes it the best development environment available.

Navid Voghoofi said:

Xojo is an awesome programming environment! I am able to develop Mac and Windows apps quickly and easily. The UI design tool is great also. The Xojo environment is the only tool I use and love it! Looking forward to more great innovations from this company.

Dr. Bill Snaith said:

It is an intelligent, open, friendly experience. It makes writing apps very straight forward. It helps you learn, and provides an easy test facility of your app.

David Brooks said:

I have found that I can do just about anything with Xojo. I'm an amateur, yet I have been able to write some really complex stuff. I'm a real fan, and I HAVE already successfully encouraged others to use it.

Jim Ginn said:

I've made many apps in the past with Xojo, but it opened up iOS to me in a familiar way as I struggled with xcode and still do. It is so easy to develop for the Mac, iOS, Linux, and if you have to, Windows. One IDE, killer.

Sascha Schneppmueller said:

Because the Language is VERY easy to learn, the IDE is superb and if one is in trouble the official Xojo Forum has always an answer.

Rich Hatfield said:

Today I decided to move over a home monitoring project to a Raspberry Pi for the first time. My experience thus far: I think I spent more time deciding on what host name I should give the Raspberry Pi than what it meant to compile my application for the Raspberry Pi. Without changing one line of code, the app fired up with no problem :) Thank you again Xojo team for allowing me to expand to areas I never thought I would go in.

Mark Carlton said:

I too had a complicated serial based project that I just compiled for raspberry and it worked immediately!

Al Anderson said:

Xojo has really made my job so much easier and enjoyable. I look forward to the days that my schedule is clear and I can open up the Xojo IDE, get into the zone and just start creating.

Wayne Golding said:

I was recently contracting to a company that predominantly used MS C# with .NET. I used Xojo and worked on a single project with two applications. One was a Windows Service to build emails to a select group of recipients from a MS SQL database and send via SendGrid. These emails needed a HTML body which included a promotional flyer, a link to the HTML flyer and a PDF attachment of that flyer. I found the development time was vastly reduced due to Xojo’s debug technology. To debug a Windows Service in .NET there are nine steps, to debug a Xojo built Windows Service there are 2-3 but you can actually debug 90% of your code just by clicking the run button – the other 10% is to test permissions. The second project was to allow the franchisees to build their own emails/promotional flyers with a web application. I was able to very quickly build a Web UI in Xojo that included drag ‘n drop to build a flyer from products selected from the inventory. This project took days rather than the months predicted by my client and my client’s client was very impressed with the speed of development. My only assumption can be that Xojo is a superior Windows development tool than Visual Studio for rapidly delivering a solution.

Gordon Smith said:

Xojo means a lot to me and is part of my life, it's like a best friend! Thank you for providing a service second to none and for a wonderful product. Xojo is the professional development software that is an absolute pleasure to use!

Marco Cagnasso said:

After writing 20 applications in Xojo, I can say this platform is magnificent and allows you to build important applications with simplicity.

John Joyce said:

The thing that I love most about Xojo is that it is so fast and so easy to go from idea to working application. Not only that, but that I can use the same fast, easy language and IDE to develop for so many different target platforms. Plus, the language has so many features there is rarely anything I need that isn't already built in. But when it isn't, someone out there has usually already tackled the problem and either put the solution out there or they make and sell a product to take care of it. Xojo is my go-to problem solving tool. In years of using it professionally, I have not yet run into a problem that couldn't be solved with it.

Mark Strickland (SimplyBASICSoftware) said:

I use Xojo because it is has broad capability for lots of platforms and just about any feature you might need. Recently I have been doing lots of web app development and in particular I like how you can approach the design similar to a desktop app without having to be an AJAX guru. Xojo is always evolving and is a "living breathing" product. The support from the company is good but the community support is very deep and always anxious to help.

Gregory Crout (Bollingen Software, LLC.) said:

Thanks for making great software [that makes software]!

Kohan Ikin said:

Xojo helped me build a prototype of a Mac app I wanted to make in a single week!

Mark Oxley said:

I have been programming for many years with a wide range of languages, but I always come back to Xojo for my own projects. The speed in which I can create applications, not only for OS X, but also Windows, Linux and now iOS, is unparalleled.

Tom Iwaniec said:

The best part of Studiometry Cloud is that it is all written in Xojo, so we can easily share code between all of the different targets, saving us time and money in development.

Alex von Siebenthal said:

Xojo strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and structure. It keeps me from all those tedious things and boosts my productivity of development. The community, as well as the documentation, are outstandingly helpful.

Ulrich Bogun said:

Since I’ve been working professionally with a Mac, I wanted to write my own software for it. Trying to upgrade my computer science classes’ knowledge with OOP and Objective C simultaneously never worked. With Xojo, it was easy to grasp OOP, and learning declares brought me to a point where I can understand ObjC and Swift too. But I never felt tempted to use them. Why should I make (programming) life more complicated?

Brian Franco said:

I use Xojo for personal use and to build applications for my friends and place of employment. I have been using Xojo for 10 years now and during that time Xojo has helped me learn and improve my programming skills. I have always enjoyed working with Xojo for its human readable but powerful syntax and helpful local debugger and remote debugger. Using Xojo helps me build cross-platform desktop and web applications and soon I hope to use it with the Raspberry Pi. The Xojo community is the most positive and helpful experience anyone will encounter.

Jaap Cammeraat said:

In my early years of programming my boss convinced me of KIS - Keep It Simple. Years later, after starting my own company, I remembered his advice by choosing Xojo and did not regret it for a second. Xojo is a synonym for an easy and rapid way of making a beautiful Mac/iOS Apps.

Javier Menendez said:

I’ve been developing with Xojo since 1998 and though I know how to program in other languages, I always prefer Xojo over all of them because it is a truly friendly, fast and native multiplatform environment.

The Xojo’s OOP language nature is very easy to grasp for beginners, powerful for seasoned and skilled developers, and par with any other modern programming language. The Xojo Framework is just amazing! It is possible to implement complex features in a matter of minutes, even in many cases it's just a matter of adapting the examples included with the superb documentation. For the most rush problems... there is a terrific community and forums eager to help!

Louis Batayte said:

When I retired, I searched for a development environment I could use on my personal Mac’s. Xojo is the best programming environment I am aware of. You build source on one computer and compile binaries for Mac’s, PC’s, Linux, Web Apps, iOS, and now the Raspberry Pi. Xojo continues to evolve to keep pace with modern advancements and should be on the forefront of software development environments for many years to come. I LOVE it!!!!

Jacob Woodward said:

I love Xojo because it made me feel like I could learn how to program something. It's a step from nothing into something.

Gavin Smith said:

With Xojo in our armory, LibertyApp Ltd doesn't feel like a small company. It's our secret weapon.

Terry Eutsler (Softbase Development, Inc.) said:

Xojo allows us to produce an enterprise level business application with minimal staff, yet with maximum modern functionality. Both the level of Xojo support and the incredible community support are off the charts. This has allowed us to remove ourselves from the Microsoft “death grip”. Thank you Xojo for producing such an incredible opportunity for us!

Fred Roller (F.W.Roller & Associates LLC) said:

Xojo makes cross-platform software development easy and affordable. Compiling 32-bit and 64-bit Apps for Windows, OS X and Linux with just one set of source code is fantastic. As if that wasn’t enough, the ability to produce products for the Raspberry Pi and create Web Apps are like two “One more thing . . .” gifts. Choosing Xojo was our best software development decision!

Dale Arends said:

1. I get results quickly and it's easy to debug the results until I get it right.
2. It's easier to deal with than Forth and less wordy than COBOL.
3. It's fun.

Kem Tekinay (MacTechnologies Consulting) said:

I've used many languages over the years, but Xojo has made me more productive than any of them. I can finally think purely about my code and layouts without having to fret about arcane syntax or the specific needs of the underlying system. And their support, including direct access to the engineers and even the president of the company, is unmatched.

Erik Fohlin (Moodifier Limited) said:

Running a company from a business perspective as a developer and CEO, I was very happy to see that Xojo now lets us compile for the Raspberry Pi 2. This has finally made it financially defendable for us to make the move to the Raspberry Pi platform since we can re-use all our current code and also use the resulting software on all other platforms (OS X, Win, x86 Linux) as well.

Tim Jones (TOLIS Group) said:

The time from project inception to finished design is much shorter than previously witnessed in Python and Tkinter. Also, maintenance of a finished project is much more sane with Xojo than with other development environments. Its ease of development has allowed us to create a user interface for a normally complex task that makes archival of multi-million dollar film properties as easy as drag, drop and click.

Sascha Schneppmüller (Schneppi Software) said:

Xojo makes iOS development as easy as programming for the other platforms!

Daniele Murabito (Worksdem) said:

I appreciated the easy learning curve from the start, because the syntax was very similar to Visual Basic, which I already felt comfortable with. After few days I started developing my first management app with Xojo. Thanks to Xojo, my development time is halved!

Jack Damm (Dimensional Software) said:

At this point I have completely eliminated my use of Microsoft's Visual Basic language, thanks to Xojo. And it is really wonderful now, I only have to maintain one set of source code to deploy my app on both Windows and Macintosh desktops. Super!

Bob Gross (Dartmouth College) said:

Xojo's ease of use and object oriented approach has encouraged me to expand my initial analysis to more complex ones that have yielded new insights into the systems we are studying.

Tony Rice (Bestellen Software, LLC) said:

My knowledge of other programming languages has allowed me easily to adapt to Xojo.

Ken Schellenberg (AntiGravity Research Corp.) said:

Because of Xojo I am having many new software product development ideas that I wouldn't even have considered before and I've discovered so many new capabilities in Xojo that I had never even dreamed of. It's made re-writing the online store portion of my website a very exciting project.

Richard Hillsdon (EuroSolve) said:

The apps built with Xojo can be deployed so easily as they don't require huge frameworks, setups or pre-requisites so they don't require any 'installation,' just copy and run. This is a HUGE time saver!

Chris Isaacson (Numinus LLC) said:

Because your development environment is a solution to me rather than a problem, I would encourage anyone interested in computer science and programming to start with Xojo.

Tony Barry (Westmead Research Services) said:

I will continue to recommend Xojo. I have not found a better tool to code in, and I have not found a better user community. These two strengths make continuing with the tool to be an automatic decision.

Brock Nash said:

Everything about Xojo excites me as a programmer. I can't wait to see what the future holds and it would be a no-brainer to recommend the software to someone else. In fact I have before!

Jason Adams (Tribis Engineering) said:

I must say I've been impressed. Xojo, Inc. is a remarkable, active company, with a team of incredibly gifted and innovative people, and Xojo is a direct reflection of this.

Kaywan Mansubi said:

Thank you for creating a time-saving tool that makes innovation in computer technology possible from a variety of backgrounds.

Chuck Weger (RoboCatalog, Inc.) said:

In my experience with a number of different development tools, Xojo is the easiest way to produce good-looking, reliable, fast GUI apps on both OS X and Windows.

Terence Blyth said:

In today's software development market our customers want every thing done now and for a low cost. Xojo helps us create software solutions in a shorter timeframe so we can keep our profit margins up.

Dr. Albert M. Bradley (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) said:

The world is divided into programmers and people who have something real to do. Xojo allows us to get a job done without devoting half our lives to the software gods!

Nick A. said:

I really like programming with Xojo. I think it is the best all-in-one programming tool that just works and is much more straight forward to use than other development environments, like Xcode.

Tony Barry (Westmead Research Services) said:

I am having a blast with Xojo Cloud. So much easier than deploying to my VPS. I also really like the emphasis on security. This is a huge plus point for me. I am not hosting anything financial or sensitive, but the fact remains that security of web based software is a really big issue that is all too frequently just ignored.

Richard Hillson said:

Over Christmas I was able to write a quick app to utilize our Barcode readers to produce a quick workable stock control for our business in under 6 hours! There is just nothing else that would get me from zero to app which is now used daily that quick.

Hamish Steiner said:

Thanks for a great product and support. I probably dont need the pro, but its nice being able to have it on 3 machines , and im happy to support you guys, its a great product. For me the small easily distributable files are the key, I was using python and its such a pain to package and distribute.

Tony Barry said:

Good product. Makes life easier. Saves me from C++, hair loss, and severe grumpiness.

Jon Lamrouex said:

Great product! I have more tools to build with and am more productive with Xojo than with any other development tool I have used.

Eric Gibbon said:

For me, the most obvious reason to use Xojo is cross-platform development, but the reason I LOVE Xojo is that it uses an easy-to-write and easy-to-read core language.

Phillip Zedalis said:

Xojo iOS is the best way to build mobile apps.

Michel Bujardet said:

Xojo iOS offers the same ease of use as developing today on the Desktop and Web. It’s your passport for a market 5 times larger than Mac OS X. Now I can port my popular OS X apps to the iPad!

Wayne Golding said:

As a Windows developer of too many years (and mostly in the service space) iOS has been a bit of a challenge for me. However Xojo has made the transition relatively easy (after I got my head around the views & pushto’s etc.) I’ve learnt a lot from the process and am now able to offer an iOS product to my clients.