Mac-based Point-of-Sale Solution Provider Increases Productivity with Xojo

Dax DaSilva, CEO of Xsilva, has many years of experience in the Mac software business. His company's flagship product is LightSpeed, a point-of-sale (POS) application for retail stores and consumer-oriented businesses. LightSpeed is a flexible application that scales from a single cash register to dozens of stations connected to a central database. LightSpeed is used in hundreds of stores worldwide, including one deployment that supports 55 concurrent users.

LightSpeed development began in 2005 when DaSilva saw the need for a POS solution for the Mac. He did an analysis of professional-grade Mac development tools and selected Xojo because it delivered the highest level of productivity to his team of developers.

"Xojo is the reason why we have been able to develop LightSpeed into the comprehensive solution it has become in only two years," commented Dax. "Because of Xojo we can quickly incorporate customer requests into the software, as well as prototype and implement new ideas at a rapid pace."

"Xojo lets us prototype and develop in a very creative and freeform way," said Dax DaSilva. "At the same time, Xojo is fully object-oriented, bringing the key strengths of object-oriented code structures and reusability to LightSpeed's design. When a customer contacts us and says they need something in the product, Xojo allows us to be responsive and creative in incorporating new ideas."

According to Dax, "I think what makes LightSpeed special is the fact that it's a powerful application that's also both approachable and easy to look at. Our customers work in the software all day, producing quotes, processing orders... so we've done what we can do to make all of that easy and fun. Xojo makes this possible for us."