Xojo Improves App Development for Rebrand Software

Spectrum TV Ranked “Top 10 Most Popular” and “Top 10 Grossing” Entertainment Apps in Mac App Store

Xojo, Inc. today announced that private label app provider Rebrand Software is developing applications using Xojo. Rebrand Software founder Mike Gibson is using the development tool to streamline the creation of multiple consumer apps across Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, shaving 30 percent off the development time.


Mike Gibson, founder, owner, and lead programmer at Rebrand Software, was experiencing an uptick in demand for private label software, which allows other companies to purchase apps, brand them, and sell them as if they were their own. Rebrand creates a range of consumer products for Windows, Mac and Linux.

As more companies continue to expand their digital marketing programs to increase traffic with branded applications, Mike knew he needed to speed up his current processes. The Windows tool they were using - Microsoft Visual Basic - required tedious re-writing of code to produce Mac and Linux versions of each application. He was looking for a tool that allowed him to write code once and deploy it on Windows, Mac and Linux, along with an active coder community and more ease of coding.

The Solution

Mike studied the marketplace and determined that Xojo had all the features he needed. Using the software, Mike and his team have been able to improve the quality of their applications with their freed-up time and can now focus more efforts on the creativity and uniqueness of their applications, resulting in 25 percent more revenue. Additionally, Mike recognized that Xojo's debug mode is far superior to Visual Basic and it reinforces good programming techniques, making accidental issues due to sloppy code extremely rare.

Xojo, Inc. has also made it possible to easily submit applications built in Xojo to the Mac App Store. Rebrand developed Spectrum TV in 10 months and soon after launching it on the Mac App Store, the application achieved rankings as the “Top 10 Most Popular” and “Top 10 Most Profitable” in the entertainment category. Another application, Crazy Coloring Book, has also achieved significant downloads.

For its private-label business, Rebrand Software is now able to automate the process of branding products for customers. Using applications they have built with Xojo, they can download all of their customers’ information and graphics, insert them into a copy of their software, compile it to Windows, Mac and Linux and build installers for all three platforms. It’s estimated that Xojo has helped Rebrand Software save 30 minutes per application for this particular requirement alone.

In addition to hundreds of branded applications, Rebrand has also created the following popular apps on the Mac App Store with many more in the works.

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