Fighting Internet Predators

How a Xojo Application Helps Law Enforcers Track Down Criminals

As commander of the Wyoming Internet Sex Crimes Against Children Task Force, Flint Waters, father of four, in part with Bill Wiltse of the Salem, Oregon police department and Robert Leazenby of the Wyoming attorney general's office, developed an application that tracks computers trading pornographic images and videos of children.

Running 24/7, this application can target the specific location of offender's computers and his efforts have resulted in over 100 arrests and 30 children saved. This application, and Flint's efforts, were recently featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Read more about Flint's investigations on Oprah's website.

Flint Waters first discovered Xojo about six years ago and attended the first ever Xojo Developer's Conference. "Xojo allows us to save so much time in development because we only have to write our application once and we can deploy it on both Windows and the Mac," commented Flint. "Deployment has been smooth and frequent updates have helped keep us in the game in a rapidly changing suspect environment."