From Visual Basic to Xojo in Just 12 Days

Computest expanded their business and doubled their potential market in just a few days.

For approximately three years, CompuTest, LLC has been offering law schools a secure electronic test-taking program, Electronic Bluebook, built on Windows using Visual Basic. Due to a growing number of students at client institutions who use Macbooks, CompuTest's clients recently expressed an interest in offering Electronic Bluebook for OS X.

In order to meet their clients' request, CompuTest began researching what would be involved in creating a Mac version of Electronic Bluebook.

With little experience in operating OS X, and no experience programming for OS X, their programming team initially agreed to build a simplified version of Electronic Bluebook for OS X, allowing two to three months for development.

Early in their research process, CompuTest discovered Xojo. Xojo provided a familiar environment, similar to programming in Visual Basic, but for the Mac platform. By using Xojo and assistance from the user community, CompuTest was able to deliver a beta version of Electronic Bluebook for OS X in just 12 working days. In addition, Xojo enabled them to incorporate the full functionality of the PC version into the OS X version in this short timeframe. They were very surprised at the amount of time and work that Xojo saved them in porting Electronic Bluebook to OS X code.

The similarity between the language of Xojo and Visual Basic made it possible to copy a large amount of code directly from Microsoft's Visual Basic directly to Xojo for the Mac. For the small amounts of code that differed between the Visual Basic and Xojo versions, it was quick and simple to learn the comparable code for Xojo. Thanks to Xojo, CompuTest was able to efficiently port Electronic Bluebook from a Visual Basic program on a PC to a Xojo program on the Mac and impress their customers with the speed with which they were able to meet their customers' needs.