Xojo Speeds Ayenbee Motorcycle Production

Engineering department streamlines workflow by 15% with apps developed in Xojo; saves $500,000 with smart software controls

Ayenbee Group, a manufacturing company based in Pakistan, has accelerated production of its motorcycles with smart software controls developed in Xojo. Within one year of developing smart software controls for inventory, assembly lines, paint line and testing equipment, Ayenbee began producing 100 motorcycles per day. Because of the applications, Ayenbee has streamlined workflow by 15% and saved more than $500,000 by building equipment that would otherwise be imported. Additionally, the company has saved thousands of dollars in software development costs, reduced water and paint costs by 10% and energy consumption by 5%.


In 2006 Omar Abbasi, Director of Engineering for Ayenbee Group in Pakistan, was challenged with the enormous task of designing an entire motorcycle manufacturing plant.

Omar had worked with other software tools in design stages to simulate mechanical processes at Ayenbee’s other plants in the past, but he was looking for a cross platform solution that was easy to debug and deploy. The company uses Mac computers, but in rare circumstances where temperatures exceed 120 degrees F, they use special hardware that runs on Windows.

He discovered Xojo when a free copy was included in a magazine. After creating various demos, he soon realized it was simply the best presentation tool for developing interactive apps to simulate and demonstrate mechanical processes.

Omar decided to use Xojo to help design the motorcycle plant. He developed applications to control (in real time) almost every aspect of the facility including inventory, assembly lines, paint line and testing equipment in about six months. The company began using it in the testing area and its use spread to multiple areas within the company, including developing and pricing automotive wiring systems, electrical testing of automotive wiring systems, testing lights and electrical systems and a suite of real time apps automating other assembly lines.

The Solution

Omar was able to develop efficiently using Xojo because of the following features:


Within one year, Ayenbee was producing 80 bikes a day thanks to smart software controls that helped Omar simulate processes and design the motorcycle manufacturing plant in the most efficient way possible. Ayenbee saved more than $500,000 by building equipment that would otherwise have been imported, almost 20 percent of the entire project cost. Thanks to the smart software controls, the facility consumes 5% less energy than competitors with standard equipment. Specifically, up to 10% cost is saved due to efficient paint and water use.

Since deploying applications developed in Xojo, the company was able to economically manage the complex documentation related to ISO TS16949 protocols in all of their production facilities. As a result, production lead times were significantly reduced. Omar estimates that Ayenbee has streamlined workflow by 15% on average, while saving thousands of dollars in software development costs.

Supporting Quotes – Omar Abbasi, Director of Engineering, Ayenbee Group