A Modern Alternative to Visual Basic

Xojo is a great alternative to Microsoft Visual Basic. If you have used VB in the past or are considering using it now, you might want to take a look at Xojo to see if it will fit your needs better. At Xojo, we strive to keep things simple. A single language to build apps for Mac, Windows and Linux desktop, plus web, iOS and Raspberry Pi. With Xojo you simply develop faster.

Why Xojo?

As in the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Xojo is “just right”. It is more powerful than VB6 while at the same time more approachable than VB.NET. Xojo apps are compiled to native code. They do not contain byte-code that is run by a virtual machine. The run-time library is included with your applications so there is nothing additional that needs to be installed on users’ computers.

Don’t forget that Xojo is a cross-platform development tool. With Xojo, a single project can create desktop apps that work on Windows, OS X, Linux and Raspberry Pi. Unlike VB and Visual studio, you are not forced to do your development on Windows, either. Do you want to do development on OS X or Linux? You can do that with Xojo. In fact, any single development platform can create apps for all the other platforms supported by Xojo. For example, if you are developing on OS X, you can create apps for OS X, Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, the web and iOS. Simply stated: Xojo allows you to quickly create the apps you need.

Modernize Legacy Desktop Apps with Web and iOS

Since Xojo can create apps for so many platforms, it is a great way to modernize and update your legacy desktop apps so that you can also have web and iOS apps. For example, you might find that a desktop app used by your company for many years would serve everyone better if it was recreated as a web app, making it easier to deploy and access. Unlike other technologies, with Xojo, web apps are as easy to make as desktop apps. Of course, ASP.NET can be used to create web apps, but it is not nearly as easy to use and it requires a Microsoft server running IIS. Xojo web apps can be deployed to any server (Linux, OS X or Windows) and can also use the industry standard Apache web server.

These days mobile iOS apps are a necessity, but if you’ve ever tried to create your own iOS apps you already know how complicated it is. Why fight with Xcode and other tools? Now that Xojo has brought its famous ease-of-use to iOS development, the creation of iOS apps has never been simpler! And unlike other tools, Xojo creates native 64-bit iOS apps using standard iOS controls that can be sold in the App Store. Xojo makes iOS development familiar and fast.

Switching to Xojo

Xojo is free to use, with a time-unlimited trial. Take your time to see how Xojo can help with your next project. To learn more about Xojo, be sure to read the User Guide and visit the Xojo Dev Center.

To help make it a little easier to you to make the switch from VB to Xojo, you can also try the Visual Basic Migration Assistant tool. This tool moves your project files, source code and user interface (to some extent) to a Xojo project. However, it does not convert the code in any way, nor does it create a working version of your VB project in Xojo. It is a handy way for you to get your code into Xojo so you can refer to it while working on the Xojo version without having to keep a copy of VB around.

If you find yourself frustrated with VB.NET or are looking for something to replace VB6, be sure to test out Xojo. It might be just right for you.

Check out this Migrating from VB video to see how a simple app is migrated to Xojo.

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