• Xojo lets me bring my ideas to life quickly, cross-platform, and with professional looking results.

    Brad Hutchings, Frontbase, Inc.

  • At this point I have completely eliminated my use of Microsoft's Visual Basic language, thanks to Xojo. And it is really wonderful now, I only have to maintain one set of source code to deploy my app on both Windows and Macintosh desktops. Super!

    Jack Damm, Dimensional Software

  • Xojo's ease of use and object oriented approach has encouraged me to expand my initial analysis to more complex ones that have yielded new insights into the systems we are studying.

    Bob Gross, Dartmouth College

  • My knowledge of other programming languages has allowed me easily to adapt to Xojo.

    Tony Rice, Bestellen Software, LLC

  • Because of Xojo I am having many new software product development ideas that I wouldn't even have considered before and I've discovered so many new capabilities in Xojo that I had never even dreamed of. It's made re-writing the online store portion of my website a very exciting project.

    Ken Schellenberg, AntiGravity Research Corp.

  • The apps built with Xojo can be deployed so easily as they don't require huge frameworks, setups or pre-requisites so they don't require any 'installation,' just copy and run. This is a HUGE time saver!

    Richard Hillsdon, EuroSolve

  • Because your development environment is a solution to me rather than a problem, I would encourage anyone interested in computer science and programming to start with Xojo.

    Chris Isaacson, Numinus LLC

  • I will continue to recommend Xojo. I have not found a better tool to code in, and I have not found a better user community. These two strengths make continuing with the tool to be an automatic decision.

    Tony Barry, Westmead Research Services